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Kiran Global Chem Ltd. offers highly effective and efficient chemical treatments for concrete and general masonry treatment. Our products are used extensively at various stage of manufacturing and application of concrete and in general masonry work

The chemical products that we supply for concrete and general masonry treatment are:

Sodium Metasilicate

  • Manufacturing speciality cement for drilling industry
  • For adding into dry cement admixtures to accelerate the set

Sodium Silicate and Potassium Silicate

  • As a curing agent, it is applied to the surface of fresh layer of concrete to extend its durability
  • To treat the concrete after it is completely dry or hardened for better water resistance and longevity
  • Chemical sealing of Concrete hardening against Grease and Dust Proofing
  • For Acid Resistance
  • Significantly reduces porosity in most masonry products making them far more wearable and water repellent
  • Used as an alkali activator in geopolymer cement and concrete
  • Apply a thin coat to unpainted plaster or concrete surface as a water repellent
  • To treat old concrete surfaces to provide a harder surface
  • Acts as a penetrate into concrete and reacts with residual free lime to reduce porosity

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