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Kiran Global Chem Ltd. supplies chemical injections where direct application to a deep area is required with minimum to zero contact in other areas. We supply the chemicals in appropriate packages, in liquid or lump form, based on the application and composition.

We mainly provide Sodium Silicate and Potassium Silicate for chemical injections, and they are popularly used by clients for following applications:

  • For chemical injection or solidification of subsoil
  • For sealing of pores with low resistance
  • In the “Joosten Process” to form an insoluble gel
  • Where subsurface formations need to be strong enough to withstand the load, such as low walls or foundations
  • Where water-permeable subsurface pores allow the flooding of mines, wells and tunnels
  • To prevent water loss in dams
  • To seal pores in the concrete or brick work that can be found in drains or underground construction
  • To coat sewerage pipes to reduce deposition on the inner walls


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