Sodium Silicate Lumps

At Kiran Global Chems Ltd. we produce sodium silicate lumps that are manufactured using top grade raw materials and have superior properties, both physical and chemical. We are the market leader in India and our brand is recognized globally for its high performance

Sodium Silicate Liquid

At Kiran Global Chem Ltd. we offer sodium silicate in liquid form for specific industrial application where the liquid property of the chemical is highly effective. We manufacture high quality silicates that are produced to match our customer’s expectations.

Potassium Silicate Lumps

At Kiran Global Chem Ltd. we manufacture potassium silicate lumps of the highest quality. Our product is recognized industry-wide for its high performance and seamless integration.

Potassium Silicate Liquid

Kiran Global Chems Ltd. is a leading brand name in India in the manufacture and supply of potassium silicate liquid. Our industry-grade potassium silicate liquid is available in a range of ratios and concentrations based on the specific business requirements of our clients.