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Kiran Global Chems Ltd. supplies sodium silicate and potassium silicate as a key ingredient for manufacturing ceramics, both for industrial purpose and decorative use. The top quality sand used by us for manufacturing the silicates and blending with high quality chemicals enables us to provide assured quality to our clients.

Sodium silicate and potassium silicate manufacture by our company is used by clients in the following manner:

  • As a Binding Agent in Refractory plastic cements for hard coating
  • As a Deflocculator in ceramic casting
  • As a Deflocculator to make thinner paste and for water Reduction
  • As a Deflocculator in refined clay to improve Fluidity
  • As an economic Binding Agent in Acid-resistant cements
  • Forming a fire-proof protective layer in slip castings
  • As thermal insulation-proof Layer
  • Providing protective coat for Antique and for antique Finish
  • As a clay slip deflocculant in small dosage to reduce shrinkage
  • Vermiculite and perlite are completely non-flammable, when bonded using silicates

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